Processing Twitter images with JavaScript

This question came up on Stack Overflow, which I liked the look of. I’ve been doing Selenium development in .NET framework for work recently, but thought I’d give this JS based question a crack. When I got down to it, I realised that it’s very similar, and the JS is pretty easy to process.

So here’s my solution for processing each tweet in a feed, and finding all links with the media class within the tweet. I don’t have a reason for this at the moment, but wanted to post here so I don’t forget/lose it. I hope it comes in handy for someone

//Helpful functions for finding elements by xPath
getElementsByXpath = function (path, doc = document) {
    return document.evaluate(path, doc, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);
getElementByXpath = function (path, doc = document) {
    return document.evaluate(path, doc, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue;


var tweetsXpath = "//li[contains(@id,'stream-item-tweet')]";
var linksXpath = "//a[contains(@class,'twitter-timeline-link') and contains(@class,'media')]";
var tweets = getElementsByXpath(tweetsXpath);

console.log("Tweets: " +tweets); //tweets is an XPathResult object. We can iterate over this.

var tweet = tweets.iterateNext(); //get first tweet
while(tweet != null){
    var links = getElementsByXpath(linksXpath, tweet);
    var link = links.iterateNext(); //get first link
    while(link != null) {
        var linkURL = link.getAttribute("href");
        //do something with linkURL here
        console.log("Found media link in tweet - URL: " + linkURL);

        link = links.iterateNext(); //move to next link
    tweet = tweets.iterateNext(); //move to next tweet


Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Dip website – LIVE!

Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Dip website – LIVE!

It’s been 2 months of late nights, but the site is finally live and going well.

Background: I was asked to create a site for a charity run by my girlfriends father. I happily obliged, thinking I could bang it out in a few weeks. Boy was I off.

It’s far from finished, but for now, I’m just glad it’s up and running. I’ve learned a hell of a lot, both technically and from a business perspective, even though it wasn’t a paid job, so I’m extremely happy with the outcome. The site will keep improving (it’s an annual fundraiser), and I’m better positioned to start making better websites for paying clients.

For those curious, I’ll be doing the Dip, so feel free to donate to my campaign at